Support for Aquarium Grows

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Planned Attraction could be economic boost to region

Milford Aquarium featured in The Milford Chronicle

The Milford Aquarium featured in The Milford Chronicle

Like the schools of fish it plans to showcase, the Milford Aquarium is swimming along and its supporters are growing.

Started during a discussion at a City of Milford the Economic Development Advisory Panel in 2012, the Milford Aquarium project was created to bring tourists and their dollars to the area by providing a unique and educational experience.

“We are looking to build some- thing around 35,000 square feet. This is not going to be the Baltimore aquarium,” said William G. Pilecki, president of Milford Aquarium, Inc. “The issue here, and it was spelled out in our feasibility study, is that we have to be sustainable.” (continue reading by clicking the button below to open the PDF article)


(above content taken from The Milford Chronicle article by Logan B. Anderson)

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