Millie and Ford: Chapter One

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The New Adventures of Millie & Ford

Chapter One

Our Story begins on a small island off the coast of South America near Argentina, called the Falkland Islands. There are many different animals that live on the Falkland Islands such as sheep, ducks, birds, seals and, penguins. It is also the home of two very special penguins named Millie and Ford. They are Magellanic Penguins, named after the famous Explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who was the first explorer to sail around the world.

Every morning Millie and Ford pop out of their burrows to greet each other.

“Good morning Millie,” says Ford.

“Good Morning Ford,” replies Millie. “What adventure should we go on today, Ford?”

“I can’t think of an adventure before I have breakfast.”

Ford patted his rumbling belly as they began to waddle down to the shore.

“Last one in, is a rotten egg,” shouted Ford as he dove into the water in search of delicious cuttlefish. As Millie and Ford glided gracefully through the water it seemed as if they were flying through the current. Although penguins are considered birds, they cannot fly through the air. Their silky feathers, webbed feet and flippers help them swim fast to catch their food.

After a big breakfast, both Millie and Ford waddled out of the water. It was time to begin their day exploring the coast. While waddling around they would greet other penguin friends and kept a watchful eye out for sea lions and leopard seals. Sometimes a seal would swim up onto the beach and stare at the penguins as if they were lunch and would chase them! They were really scary.

All of a sudden, Millie heard a scared quacking sound coming from one of the burrows on the beach.

“Ford, do you hear that?” asked Millie.

“It’s coming from over here” Ford yelled.

There was a burrow closer to the inland that was hidden by tussac grass. Millie and Ford quickly waddled over to the burrow and saw that there was a baby steamer duck stuck in the hole.

“Quaaaccckkk! Help me I’m stuck!” the little duck cried out.

“Don’t worry we’ll help you,” Ford called out.

“I’m scared! Quuaacckk!”

“Hurry Ford, we have to think of something to help baby duck out of the burrow.”

Millie and Ford looked around and came up with a great idea. Ford bit off a blade of tussac grass.

“This has to work, the grass is long and skinny, and we can use it to pull the baby duck out of the hole”

Ford held one end of the grass in his beak and let the other end fall into the hole.

“Do you see the grass baby duck? Grab on to it and we will pull you out”

The baby duck grabbed the branch and Ford tugged on the other end. Mille helped too by pulling Ford backwards.


The baby duck popped out of the hole and Ford and Millie tumbled.

“Thank you so much,” said baby duck.

“You’re welcome” they both said.

“How did you get stuck in the hole?” asked Millie.

“I got separated from my mama and then I heard a rustling sound behind some bushes and it scared me so I started running, but then I tripped and fell into this hole,” baby duck explained while pointing at the burrow. Burrows are holes in the ground where penguins like Millie and Ford live.

“Stick with us, we will help you find your mama,” said Ford.

Millie, Ford and baby duck walked around through more tussac grass for a few minutes when they heard the same rustling noise.

“There’s the sound again! Run!” quacked baby duck.

“Hang on, let’s investigate.” Ford was much braver than baby duck.

“Hello? Is anybody over there?”

Just then big head popped out from behind the blades of grass.

“Misty, where are you?”

“Mama!” baby duck yelled out in excitement.

“Misty where have you been, I have been looking everywhere for you,” said mama steamer duck.

“I got stuck in a hole. Millie and Ford helped me out and helped me find you,” Misty explained.

Mama duck looked over and thanked them both for helping her precious Misty.

“You’re welcome,” they both said.

“Bye Misty,” said Millie. “Come on Ford; let’s go home before our mama starts wondering where we have been.

“Ok, Millie let’s go. I’m starting to get hungry again anyway,” said Ford.


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